Title: Data Descriptor: Systematic high-content genome-wide RNAi screens of endothelial cell migration and morphology
Authors: Williams, SP
Gould, CM
Nowell, CJ
Karnezis, T
Achen, MG
Simpson, KJ
Stacker, SA
Issue Year: 2017
Series Sci. Data:
Abstract Many cell types undergo migration during embryogenesis and disease. Endothelial cells line blood vessels and lymphatics, which migrate during development as part of angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis and other types of vessel remodelling. These processes are also important in wound healing, cancer metastasis and cardiovascular conditions. However, the molecular control of endothelial cell migration is poorly understood. Here, we present a dataset containing siRNA screens that identify known and novel components of signalling pathways regulating migration of lymphatic endothelial cells. These components are compared to signalling in blood vascular endothelial cells. Further, using high-content microscopy, we captured a dataset of images of migrating cells following transfection with a genome-wide siRNA library. These datasets are suitable for the identification and analysis of genes involved in endothelial cell migration and morphology, and for computational approaches to identify signalling networks controlling the migratory response and integration of cell morphology, gene function and cell signaling. This may facilitate identification of protein targets for therapeutically modulating angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in the context of human disease.
URI: https://publications.svi.edu.au/publications/6280
Other Identifiers 10.1038/sdata.2017.9
Publication type Article