Publications by Researcher: Choi, YS

2012 Drosha reveals multiple functions for miRNAs in postnatal skin
Andl, T Wong, G Littman, DR Okegbe, T Nagy, A Choi, YS Seykora, JT Teta, M Chong, MMW Tam, OH Millar, SE
2012 Cardiac tissue engineering offers the prospect of a novel treatment for acquired or congenital heart defects. Previously, our st
Tissue Eng Part A
Tee, R Hsiao, ST Choi, YS Liu, GS Dusting, GJ Morrison, WA Dilley, RJ
2013 dipose-derived stem cells promote angiogenesis and tissue formation for in vivo tissue engineering
Tissue Eng Part A
Morrison, WA Choi, YS Woods, AA Falkenberg, KJ Matsuda, K Dilley, RJ