Publications by Researcher: Takano, EA

2016 The E3-ligase E6AP Represses Breast Cancer Metastasis via Regulation of ECT2-Rho Signaling
Cancer Res.
Mansour, M Haupt, S Chan, AL Godde, N Rizzitelli, A Loi, S Caramia, F Deb, S Takano, EA Bishton, M Johnstone, C Monahan, B Levav-Cohen, Y Jiang, YH Yap, AS Fox, S Bernard, O Anderson, R Haupt, Y
2017 Genome-wide functional analysis reveals central signaling regulators of lymphatic endothelial cell migration and remodeling
Sci. Signal.
Williams, SP Odell, AF Karnezis, T Farnsworth, RH Gould, CM Li, J Paquet-Fifield, S Harris, NC Walter, A Gregory, JL Lamont, SF Liu, RF Takano, EA Nowell, CJ Bower, NI Resnick, D Smyth, GK Coultas, L Hogan, BM Fox, SB Mueller, SN Simpson, KJ Achen, MG Stacker, SA