Publications by Researcher: Tomei, A

2018 Report of the Key Opinion Leaders Meeting on Stem Cell-derived Beta Cells
Odorico, J Markmann, J Melton, D Greenstein, J Hwa, A Nostro, C Rezania, A Oberholzer, J Pipeleers, D Yang, LH Cowan, C Huangfu, DW Egli, D Ben-David, U Vallier, L Grey, ST Tang, QZ Roep, B Ricordi, C Naji, A Orlando, G Anderson, DG Poznansky, M Ludwig, B Tomei, A Greiner, DL Graham, M Carpenter, M Migliaccio, G D’Amour, K Hering, B Piemonti, L Berney, T Rickels, M Kay, T Adams, A