Title: DNA-dependent protein kinase regulates lysosomal AMP-dependent protein kinase activation and autophagy
Authors: Puustinen, P
Keldsbo, A
Corcelle-Termeau, E
Ngoei, K
Sonder, SL
Farkas, T
Kaae Andersen, K
Oakhill, JS
Jaattela, M
Issue Year: 2020
Abstract The calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase 2 (CAMKK2) activates CAMK1, CAMK4, AMPK, and AKT, leading to numerous physiological responses. The deregulation of CAMKK2 is linked to several diseases, suggesting the utility of CAMKK2 inhibitors for oncological, metabolic and inflammatory indications. In this work, we demonstrate that STO-609, frequently described as a selective inhibitor for CAMKK2, potently inhibits a significant number of other kinases. Through an analysis of literature and public databases, we have identified other potent CAMKK2 inhibitors and verified their activities in differential scanning fluorimetry and enzyme inhibition assays. These inhibitors are potential starting points for the development of selective CAMKK2 inhibitors and will lead to tools that delineate the roles of this kinase in disease biology.
URI: https://publications.svi.edu.au/publications/7450
Other Identifiers 10.1080/15548627.2019.1710430
Publication type Article