Publications by Researcher: Bui, MQ

2016 Immortalized Parkinson's disease lymphocytes have enhanced mitochondrial respiratory activity
Dis. Model. Mech.
Annesley, SJ Lay, ST De Piazza, SW Sanislav, O Hammersley, E Allan, CY Francione, LM Bui, MQ Chen, ZP Ngoei, KRW Tassone, F Kemp, BE Storey, E Evans, A Loesch, DZ Fisher, PR
2018 The Spectrum of Neurological and White Matter Changes and Premutation Status Categories of Older Male Carriers of the FMR1 Alleles Are Linked to Genetic (CGG and FMR1 mRNA) and Cellular Stress (AMPK) Markers
Front. Genet.
Loesch, DZ Trost, N Bui, MQ Hammersley, E Lay, ST Annesley, SJ Sanislav, O Allan, CY Tassone, F Chen, ZP Ngoei, KRW Kemp, BE Francis, D Fisher, PR Storey, E