Publications by Researcher: Ghasem-Zadeh, A

2012 Proteinase-activated receptor-2 is required for normal osteoblast and osteoclast differentiation during skeletal growth and repair
Georgy, SR Pagel, CN Ghasem-Zadeh, A Zebaze, RMD Pike, RN Sims, NA Mackie, EJ
2022 Characterization of Skeletal Phenotype and Associated Mechanisms With Chronic Intestinal Inflammation in the Winnie Mouse Model of Spontaneous Chronic Colitis
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Al Saedi, A Sharma, S Hassan, EB Chen, LL Ghasem-Zadeh, A Hassanzadeganroudsari, M Gooi, JH Stavely, R Eri, R Miao, DS Nurgali, K Duque, G