Publications by Researcher: Humbert, PO

2015 Asymmetric cell division during T cell development controls downstream fate
J. Cell Biol.
Pham, K Shimoni, R Charnley, M Ludford-Menting, MJ Hawkins, ED Ramsbottom, K Oliaro, J Izon, D Ting, SB Reynolds, J Lythe, G Molina-Paris, C Melichar, H Robey, E Humbert, PO Gu, M Russell, SM
2017 The Asymmetric Cell Division Regulators Par3, Scribble and Pins/Gpsm2 Are Not Essential for Erythroid Development or Enucleation
Plos One
Wolwer, CB Godde, N Pase, LB Elsum, IA Lim, KYB Sacirbegovic, F Walkley, CR Ellis, S Ohno, S Matsuzaki, F Russell, SM Humbert, PO