Publications by Researcher: Kaminskas, LM

2013 PEGylation of interferon alpha 2 improves lymphatic exposure after subcutaneous and intravenous administration and improves antitumour efficacy against lymphatic breast cancer metastases
Journal Of Controlled Release
Kaminskas, LM Ascher, DB McLeod, VM Herold, MJ Le, CP Sloan, EK Porter, CJH
2015 Methotrexate-Conjugated PEGylated Dendrimers Show Differential Patterns of Deposition and Activity in Tumor-Burdened Lymph Nodes after Intravenous and Subcutaneous Administration in Rats
Molecular Pharmaceutics
Kaminskas, LM McLeod, VM Ascher, DB Ryan, GM Jones, S Haynes, JM Trevaskis, NL Chan, LJ Sloan, EK Finnin, BA Williamson, M Velkov, T Williams, ED Kelly, BD Owen, DJ Porter, CJH