Publications by Researcher: Tomaskovic-Crook, E

2015 Integrated target discovery in the EMPathy breast cancer network - multidimensional analysis of epithelial mesenchymal plasticity (EMP) in experimental systems
Clinical & Experimental Metastasis
Blick, T Phillip, GK Tomaskovic-Crook, E Goodall, G Wong, N Haviv, I Davis, M Thompson, EW
2015 Stimulus-dependent differences in signalling regulate epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity and change the effects of drugs in breast cancer cell lines
Cell Commun. Signal.
Cursons, J Leuchowius, KJ Waltham, M Tomaskovic-Crook, E Foroutan, M Bracken, CP Redfern, A Crampin, EJ Street, I Davis, MJ Thompson, EW