Title: The genetics, structure and function of the M1 aminopeptidase oxytocinase subfamily and their therapeutic potential in immune-mediated disease
Authors: Hanson, AL
Morton, CJ
Parker, MW
Bessette, D
Kenna, TJ
Issue Year: 2019
Abstract Influenza A, B and C viruses (IAV, IBV and ICV, respectively) circulate globally and infect humans, with IAV and IBV causing the most severe disease. CD8(+) T cells confer cross-protection against IAV strains, however the responses of CD8(+) T cells to IBV and ICV are understudied. We investigated the breadth of CD8(+) T cell cross-recognition and provide evidence of CD8(+) T cell cross-reactivity across IAV, IBV and ICV. We identified immunodominant CD8(+) T cell epitopes from IBVs that were protective in mice and found memory CD8(+) T cells directed against universal and influenza-virus-type-specific epitopes in the blood and lungs of healthy humans. Lung-derived CD8(+) T cells displayed tissue-resident memory phenotypes. Notably, CD38(+)Ki67(+)CD8(+) effector T cells directed against novel epitopes were readily detected in IAV- or IBV-infected pediatric and adult subjects. Our study introduces a new paradigm whereby CD8(+) T cells confer unprecedented cross-reactivity across all influenza viruses, a key finding for the design of universal vaccines.
URI: https://publications.svi.edu.au/publications/7863
Other Identifiers 10.1016/j.humimm.2018.11.002
Publication type Article