Publications by Researcher: Alsayb, MA

2015 Sleeping Beauty Transposon Mutagenesis as a Tool for Gene Discovery in the NOD Mouse Model of Type 1 Diabetes
G3-genes Genomes Genet.
Elso, CM Chu, EPF Alsayb, MA Mackin, L Ivory, ST Ashton, MP Broer, S Silveira, PA Brodnicki, TC
2017 Disruption of Serinc1, which facilitates serine-derived lipid synthesis, fails to alter macrophage function, lymphocyte proliferation or autoimmune disease susceptibility
Mol. Immunol.
Chu, EPF Elso, CM Pollock, AH Alsayb, MA Mackin, L Thomas, HE Kay, TWH Silveira, PA Mansell, AS Gaus, K Brodnicki, TC