Publications by Researcher: Nguyen, CH

2016 Mammographically dense human breast tissue stimulates progression to invasive lesions and metastasis
Breast Cancer Res.
Huo, CW Waltham, M Khoo, C Fox, SB Hill, P Chen, S Chew, GL Price, JT Nguyen, CH Williams, ED Henderson, M Thompson, EW Britt, KL
2019 All-trans retinoic acid enhances, and a pan-RAR antagonist counteracts, the stem cell promoting activity of EVI1 in acute myeloid leukemia
Cell Death & Disease
Nguyen, CH Bauer, K Hackl, H Schlerka, A Koller, E Hladik, A Stoiber, D Zuber, J Staber, PB Hoelbl-Kovacic, A Purton, LE Grebien, F Wieser, R
2020 All-transretinoic acid in non-promyelocytic acute myeloid leukemia: driver lesion dependent effects on leukemic stem cells
Cell Cycle
Nguyen, CH Grandits, AM Purton, LE Sill, H Wieser, R