Publications by Researcher: Peshavariya, HM

2013 Hypoxic conditioning enhances the angiogenic paracrine activity of human adipose-derived stem cells
Peshavariya, HM Lokmic, Z Hsiao, ST Lim, SY Dusting, GJ Abberton, KM Dilley, RJ
2015 Differential effects of superoxide dismutase and superoxide dismutase/catalase mimetics on human breast cancer cells
Shah, MH Liu, GS Thompson, EW Dusting, GJ Peshavariya, HM
2015 Smad-independent pathway involved in transforming growth factor beta 1-induced Nox4 expression and proliferation of endothelial cells
Hakami, NY Wong, H Shah, MH Dusting, GJ Jiang, F Peshavariya, HM