Publications by Researcher: Singh, H

2012 PEGylation of a proprotein convertase peptide inhibitor for vaginal route of drug delivery: In vitro bioactivity, stability and in vivo pharmacokinetics
Ho, HT Nero, TL Singh, H Parker, MW Nie, GY
2013 Small Molecule Proprotein Convertase Inhibitors for Inhibition of Embryo Implantation
Plos One
Ho, HT Singh, H Heng, S Nero, TL Paule, S Parker, MW Johnson, AT Jiao, GS Nie, GY
2014 Activity-Modulating Monoclonal Antibodies to the Human Serine Protease HtrA3 Provide Novel Insights into Regulating HtrA Proteol
Plos One
Singh, H Nero, TL Wang, Y Parker, MW Nie, GY