Publications by Researcher: Torpy, D

2019 Australia and New Zealand Islet and Pancreas Transplant Registry Annual Report 2018-Islet Donations, Islet Isolations, and Islet Transplants
Transplant. Direct.
Webster, AC Hedley, JA Anderson, PF Hawthorne, WJ Radford, T Drogemuller, C Rogers, N Goodman, D Lee, MH Loudovaris, T Kelly, PJ O’Connell, PJ Holmes-Walker, DJ Kay, TW MacIsaac, RJ Ward, GM Howe, MK Coates, PT Torpy, D Roberts, A Russell, C Olakkengil, S
2020 Ambulatory intravenous insulin and islet cell transplantation to treat severe type III insulin hypersensitivity in a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus
Clinical Case Reports
Clarke, B Loudovaris, T Radford, T Drogemuller, C Coates, PT Torpy, D