Publications by Researcher: Winkler, IG

2012 Hematopoietic stem cell mobilizing agents G-CSF, cyclophosphamide or AMD3100 have distinct mechanisms of action on bone marrow HSC niches and bone formation
Winkler, IG Pettit, AR Raggatt, LJ Jacobsen, RN Forristal, CE Barbier, V Nowlan, B Cisterne, A Bendall, LJ Sims, NA Levesque, JP
2015 HIF-1 alpha is required for hematopoietic stem cell mobilization and 4-prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors enhance mobilization by stabilizing HIF-1 alpha
Forristal, CE Nowlan, B Jacobsen, RN Barbier, V Walkinshaw, G Walkley, CR Winkler, IG Levesque, JP
2015 Neurological heterotopic ossification following spinal cord injury is triggered by macrophage-mediated inflammation in muscle
J. Pathol.
Genet, F Kulina, I Vaquette, C Torossian, F Millard, S Pettit, AR Sims, NA Anginot, A Guerton, B Winkler, IG Barbier, V Lataillade, JJ Le Bousse-Kerdiles, MC Hutmacher, DW Levesque, JP
2019 Oncostatin M Is a Novel Niche Factor That Restrains Hematopoietic Stem Cell Mobilization in Response to G-CSF and CXCR4 Antagonist Plerixafor
Bisht, K McGirr, C Alexander, KA Fleming, W Sims, N Muller-Newen, G Winkler, IG Levesque, JP
2022 Oncostatin M regulates hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) niches in the bone marrow to restrict HSC mobilization
Bisht, K McGirr, C Lee, SY Tseng, HW Fleming, W Alexander, KA Matsumoto, T Barbier, V Sims, NA Muller-Newen, G Winkler, IG Bonig, H Levesque, JP