Publications by Researcher: Alexander, WS

2012 Anti-apoptotic Mcl-1 is essential for the development and sustained growth of acute myeloid leukemia
Genes & Development
Glaser, SP Lee, EF Trounson, E Bouillet, P Wei, A Fairlie, WD Izon, DJ Zuber, J Rappaport, AR Herold, MJ Alexander, WS Lowe, SW Robb, L Strasser, A
2013 Lymphotoxin alpha induces apoptosis, necroptosis and inflammatory signals with the same potency as tumour necrosis factor
Febs Journal
Etemadi, N Holien, JK Chau, D Dewson, G Murphy, JM Alexander, WS Parker, MW Silke, J Nachbur, U