Publications by Researcher: Christie, MP

2017 Revisiting interaction specificity reveals neuronal and adipocyte Munc18 membrane fusion regulatory proteins differ in their binding interactions with partner SNARE Syntaxins
Plos One
Christie, MP Hu, SH Whitten, AE Rehman, A Jarrott, RJ King, GJ Collins, BM Martin, JL
2017 The nature of the Syntaxin4 C-terminus affects Munc18c-supported SNARE assembly
Plos One
Rehman, A Hu, SH Tnimov, Z Whitten, AE King, GJ Jarrott, RJ Norwood, SJ Alexandrov, K Collins, BM Christie, MP Martin, JL
2019 The Structural Basis for a Transition State That Regulates Pore Formation in a Bacterial Toxin
Wade, KR Lawrence, SL Farrand, AJ Hotze, EM Kuiper, MJ Gorman, MA Christie, MP Panjikar, S Morton, CJ Parker, MW Tweten, RK
2020 A Key Motif in the Cholesterol-Dependent Cytolysins Reveals a Large Family of Related Proteins
Evans, JC Johnstone, BA Lawrence, SL Morton, CJ Christie, MP Parker, MW Tweten, RK
2021 X-ray crystallography shines a light on pore-forming toxins
Pore-forming Toxins
Johnstone, BA Christie, MP Morton, CJ Parker, MW
2021 Two-component pore formation by the novel CDCL proteins ALY short and ALY long from Elizabethkingia anophelis
Acta Crystallographica A-foundation And Advances
Johnstone, BA Lawrence, SL Morton, CJ Evans, JC Christie, MP Tweten, RK Parker, MW