Publications by Researcher: Hotze, EM

2012 Monomer-Monomer Interactions Propagate Structural Transitions Necessary for Pore Formation by the Cholesterol-dependent Cytolysins
Journal Of Biological Chemistry
Hotze, EM Wilson-Kubalek, E Farrand, AJ Bentsen, L Parker, MW Johnson, AE Tweten, RK
2012 Structure of the Lectin Regulatory Domain of the Cholesterol-Dependent Cytolysin Lectinolysin Reveals the Basis for Its Lewis Antigen Specificity
Feil, SC Lawrence, S Mulhern, TD Holien, JK Hotze, EM Farrand, S Tweten, RK Parker, MW
2015 An intermolecular electrostatic interaction controls the prepore-to-pore transition in a cholesterol-dependent cytolysin
Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America
Wade, KR Hotze, EM Kuiper, MJ Morton, CJ Parker, MW Tweten, RK
2019 The Structural Basis for a Transition State That Regulates Pore Formation in a Bacterial Toxin
Wade, KR Lawrence, SL Farrand, AJ Hotze, EM Kuiper, MJ Gorman, MA Christie, MP Panjikar, S Morton, CJ Parker, MW Tweten, RK