Publications by Researcher: Gan, WJ

2020 ABCA12 regulates insulin secretion from beta-cells
Embo Reports
Ursino, GM Fu, Y Cottle, DL Mukhamedova, N Jones, LK Low, H Tham, MS Gan, WJ Mellett, NA Das, PP Weir, JM Ditiatkovski, M Fynch, S Thorn, P Thomas, HE Meikle, PJ Parkington, HC Smyth, IM Sviridov, D
2021 Structural and functional polarisation of human pancreatic beta cells in islets from organ donors with and without type 2 diabetes
Cottle, L Gan, WJ Gilroy, I Samra, JS Gill, AJ Loudovaris, T Thomas, HE Hawthorne, WJ Kebede, MA Thorn, P