Publications by Researcher: Gould, AE

2021 Design of proteasome inhibitors with oral efficacy in vivo against Plasmodium falciparum and selectivity over the human proteasome
Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America
Xie, SC Metcalfe, RD Mizutani, H Puhalovich, T Hanssen, E Morton, CJ Du, YW Dogovski, C Huang, SC Ciavarri, J Hales, P Griffin, RJ Cohen, LH Chuang, BC Wittlin, S Deni, I Yeo, T Ward, KE Barry, DC Liu, BY Gillett, DL Crespo-Fernandez, BF Ottilie, S Mittal, N Churchyard, A Ferguson, D Aguiar, ACC Guido, RVC Baum, J Hanson, KK Winzeler, EA Gamo, FJ Fidock, DA Baud, D Parker, MW Brand, S Dick, LR Griffin, MDW Gould, AE Tilley, L