Publications by Researcher: Hocking, DM

2013 Disarming Bacterial Virulence through Chemical Inhibition of the DNA Binding Domain of an AraC-like Transcriptional Activator Protein
Journal Of Biological Chemistry
Yang, J Hocking, DM Cheng, C Dogovski, C Perugini, MA Holien, JK Parker, MW Hartland, EL Tauschek, M Robins-Browne, RM
2017 Control of Virulence Gene Expression by the Master Regulator, CfaD, in the Prototypical Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Strain, H10407
Front. Microbiol.
Hodson, C Yang, J Hocking, DM Azzopardi, K Chen, QY Holien, JK Parker, MW Tauschek, M Robins-Browne, RM