Publications by Researcher: Pires, DEV

2014 mCSM: predicting the effects of mutations in proteins using graph-based signatures
Pires, DEV Ascher, DB Blundell, TL
2014 DUET: a server for predicting effects of mutations on protein stability using an integrated computational approach
Nucleic Acids Research
Pires, DEV Ascher, DB Blundell, TL
2019 A Family of Dual-Activity Glycosyltransferase-Phosphorylases Mediates Mannogen Turnover and Virulence in Leishmania Parasites
Cell Host & Microbe
Sernee, MF Ralton, JE Nero, TL Sobala, LF Kloehn, J Vieira-Lara, MA Cobbold, SA Stanton, L Pires, DEV Hanssen, E Males, A Ward, T Bastidas, LM van der Peet, PL Parker, MW Ascher, DB Williams, SJ Davies, GJ McConville, MJ