Publications by Researcher: Zannettino, AC

2015 Systematic Screening Identifies Dual PI3K and mTOR Inhibition as a Conserved Therapeutic Vulnerability in Osteosarcoma
Clinical Cancer Research : An Official Journal Of The American Association For Cancer Research
Gupte, A Baker, EK Wan, SS Stewart, E Loh, A Shelat, AA Gould, CM Chalk, AM Taylor, S Lackovic, K Karlstrom, A Mutsaers, AJ Desai, J Madhamshettiwar, PB Zannettino, AC Burns, C Huang, DC Dyer, MA Simpson, KJ Walkley, CR
2016 Loss of ephrinB1 in osteogenic progenitor cells impedes endochondral ossification and compromises bone strength integrity during
Nguyen, TM Codrington, JD Panagopoulos, R Hemming, S. Paton, S Zannettino, AC Arthur, A Walkley, CR Gronthos, S
2016 Increased miR-155-5p and reduced miR-148a-3p contribute to the suppression of osteosarcoma cell death
Bhattacharya, S Chalk, AM Ng, AJM Martin, TJ Zannettino, AC Purton, LE Lu, J Baker, EK Walkley, CR