Publications in 2021

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2021 Personalized genome structure via single gamete sequencing
Lyu, R Tsui, V McCarthy, DJ Crismani, W
2021 Machine learning workflows identify a microRNA signature of insulin transcription in human tissues
Wong, WKM Joglekar, MV Saini, V Jiang, GZ Dong, CX Chaitarvornkit, A Maciag, GJ Gerace, D Farr, RJ Satoor, SN Sahu, S Sharangdhar, T Ahmed, AS Chew, YV Liuwantara, D Heng, B Lim, CK Hunter, J Januszewski, AS Sorensen, AE Akil, ASA Gamble, JR Loudovaris, T Kay, TW Thomas, HE O’Connell, PJ Guillemin, GJ Martin, D Simpson, AM Hawthorne, WJ Dalgaard, LT Ma, RCW Hardikar, AA
2021 Kidney age-chronological age difference (KCD) score provides an age-adapted measure of kidney function
Campbell, DJ Coller, JM Gong, FF McGrady, M Boffa, U Shiel, L Liew, D Stewart, S Owen, AJ Krum, H Reid, CM Prior, DL
2021 Identifying New Hybrid Insulin Peptides (HIPs) in Type 1 Diabetes
Mannering, SI Rubin, AF Wang, RK Bhattacharjee, P
2021 A comparison of alternative mRNA splicing in the CD4 and CD8 T cell lineages
Liu, X Andrews, MV Skinner, JP Johanson, TM Chong, MMW
2021 The imaging of immunotherapy-related hypophysitis and other pituitary lesions in oncology patients
Lasocki, A Iravani, A Galligan, A
2021 It all started with the discovery of insulin
Mannering, SI