Publications by Researcher: Gregorevic, P

2021 Bone Geometry Is Altered by Follistatin-Induced Muscle Growth in Young Adult Male Mice
Jbmr Plus
Chan, ASM McGregor, NE Poulton, IJ Hardee, JP Cho, EHJ Martin, TJ Gregorevic, P Sims, NA Lynch, GS
2022 Fine-tuning the cardiac O-GlcNAcylation regulatory enzymes governs the functional and structural phenotype of the diabetic heart
Cardiovascular Research
Prakoso, D Lim, SY Erickson, JR Wallace, RS Lees, JG Tate, M Kiriazis, H Donner, DG Henstridge, DC Davey, JR Qian, HW Deo, M Parry, LJ Davidoff, AJ Gregorevic, P Chatham, JC De Blasio, MJ Ritchie, RH