Publications by Researcher: Thomson, CA

2013 Characterization of pathogenic human monoclonal autoantibodies against GM-CSF
Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America
Wang, YN Thomson, CA Allan, LL Jackson, LM Olson, M Hercus, TR Nero, TL Turner, A Parker, MW Lopez, AL Waddell, TK Anderson, GP Hamilton, JA Schrader, JW
2018 The mechanism of GM-CSF inhibition by human GM-CSF auto-antibodies suggests novel therapeutic opportunities
Dhagat, U Hercus, TR Broughton, SE Nero, TL Shing, KSCT Barry, EF Thomson, CA Bryson, S Pai, EF McClure, BJ Schrader, JW Lopez, AF Parker, MW