Publications by Researcher: McClure, BJ

2014 Dual mechanism of interleukin-3 receptor blockade by an anti-cancer antibody.
Cell Rep
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2016 Conformational Changes in the GM-CSF Receptor Suggest a Molecular Mechanism for Affinity Conversion and Receptor Signaling
Broughton, SE Hercus, TR Nero, TL Dottore, M McClure, BJ Dhagat, U Taing, H Gorman, MA King-Scott, J Lopez, AF Parker, MW
2016 CSL311, a novel, potent, therapeutic monoclonal antibody for the treatment of diseases mediated by the common beta chain of the IL-3, GM-CSF and IL-5 receptors
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2018 The mechanism of GM-CSF inhibition by human GM-CSF auto-antibodies suggests novel therapeutic opportunities
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