Publications by Researcher: Kwong, CTJ

2021 Harnessing CD8(+) T-cell exhaustion to treat type 1 diabetes
Immunology And Cell Biology
Kwong, CTJ Selck, C Tahija, K McAnaney, LJ Le, DV Kay, TWH Thomas, HE Krishnamurthy, B
2021 Tolerance to Proinsulin-1 Reduces Autoimmune Diabetes in NOD Mice
Frontiers In Immunology
Jhala, G Selck, C Chee, J Kwong, CTJ Pappas, EG Thomas, HE Kay, TWH Krishnamurthy, B
2021 Deficiency of the innate immune adaptor STING promotes autoreactive T cell expansion in NOD mice
Akazawa, S Mackin, L Jhala, G Fynch, S Catterall, T Selck, C Graham, KL Krishnamurthy, B Pappas, EG Kwong, CTJ Sutherland, APR Kay, TWH Brodnicki, TC Thomas, HE