Publications by Researcher: Frazier, AE

2018 Loss of BIM increases mitochondrial oxygen consumption and lipid oxidation, reduces adiposity and improves insulin sensitivity in mice
Cell Death Differ.
Wali, JA Galic, S Tan, CYR Gurzov, EN Frazier, AE Connor, T Ge, JJ Pappas, EG Stroud, D Varanasi, LC Selck, C Ryan, MT Thorburn, DR Kemp, BE Krishnamurthy, B Kay, TWH Thomas, HE
2021 Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome-Like RECQL4 Truncating Mutations Cause a Haploinsufficient Low-Bone-Mass Phenotype in Mice
Molecular And Cellular Biology
Castillo-Tandazo, W Frazier, AE Sims, NA Smeets, MF Walkley, CR