Publications in 2013

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2013 The Impact of Nitric Oxide Toxicity on the Evolution of the Glutathione Transferase Superfamily A PR
288(34): 24936-24947
Bocedi, A Fabrini, R Farrotti, A Stella, L Ketterman, AJ Pedersen, JZ Allocati, N Lau, PCK Grosse, S Eltis, LD Ruzzini, A Edwards, TE Morici, L Del Grosso, E Guidoni, L Bovi, D Lo Bello, M Federici, G Parker, MW Board, PG Ricci, G
2013 Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-la (HIF-l alpha) Potentiates beta-Cell Survival After Islet Transplantation
22(2): 253-266
Stokes, RA Cheng, K Deters, N Lau, SM Hawthorne, WJ O’Connell, PJ Stolp, J Grey, S Loudovaris, T Kay, TW Thomas, HE Gonzalez, FJ Gunton, JE
2013 Deciphering Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Their Niches: A Critical Appraisal of Genetic Models, Lineag
13(5): 520-533
Joseph, C Quach, JM Walkley, CR Lane, SW Lo Celso, C Purton, LE
2013 Targeting acute myeloid leukemia by dual inhibition of PI3K signaling and Cdk9-mediated Mcl-1 transc
122(5): 738-748
Thomas, D Powell, JA Vergez, F Segal, DH Nguyen, NYN Baker, A Teh, TC Barry, EF Sarry, JE Lee, EM Nero, TL Jabbour, AM Pomilio, G Green, BD Manenti, S Glaser, SP Parker, MW Lopez, AF Ekert, PG Lock, RB Huang, DCS Nilsson, SK Recher, C Wei, AH Guthridge, MA
2013 Prospective Histomorphometric and DXA Evaluation of Bone Remodeling in Imatinib-Treated CML Patients
98(1): 67-76
Vandyke, K Fitter, S Drew, J Fukumoto, S Schultz, CG Sims, NA Yeung, DT Hughes, TP Zannettino, ACW
2013 Multicenter Australian Trial of Islet Transplantation: Improving Accessibility and Outcomes
13(7): 1850-1858
O’Connell, PJ Holmes-Walker, DJ Goodman, D Hawthorne, WJ Loudovaris, T Gunton, JE Thomas, HE Grey, ST Drogemuller, CJ Ward, GM Torpy, DJ Coates, PT Kay, TW
2013 Parallel Screening of Low Molecular Weight Fragment Libraries: Do Differences in Methodology Affect
18(2): 147-159
Wielens, J Headey, SJ Rhodes, DI Mulder, RJ Dolezal, O Deadman, JJ Newman, J Chalmers, DK Parker, MW Peat, TS Scanlon, MJ
2013 Modeling distinct osteosarcoma subtypes in vivo using Cre:lox and lineage-restricted transgenic shRN
55(1): 166-178
Mutsaers, AJ Ng, AJM Baker, EK Russell, MR Chalk, AM Wall, M Liddicoat, BJJ Ho, PWM Slavin, JL Goradia, A Martin, TJ Purton, LE Dickins, RA Walkley, CR
2013 Tubulin polymerization promoting protein 1 (TPPP1) increases beta-catenin expression through inhibit
Gamell, C Schofield, AV Bernard, O