Publications in 2013

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2013 An adipoinductive role of inflammation in adipose tissue engineering: key factors in the early events of neo-adipogenesis
Taylor, C Palmer, J Han, XL Morrison, WA Lilja, HE Thompson, EW Moller, A Tee, R Abberton, KM
2013 Macrophages play a key role in angiogenesis and adipogenesis in a mouse tissue engineering model
Galea, L Debels, H Han, XL Palmer, J Morrison, WA van Rooijen, N Abberton, KM
2013 Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells promote angiogenesis and tissue formation for in vivo tissue engineering
Morrison, WA Choi, YS Woods, AA Falkenberg, KJ Matsuda, K Dilley, RJ
2013 Enhanced liver progenitor cell survival and differentiation in vivo by spheroid implantation in a vascularized tissue engineering chamber
Dingle, AM Lokmic, Z Palmer, J Dhillon, RS Morrison, WA Penington, AJ Yeoh, GC Yap, KK Mitchell, GM
2013 Trichostatin-A enhances differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells to cardiogenic cells for cardiac tissue engineering
Pebay, A Dusting, GJ Crombie, DE Sivakumaran, P Lim, SY Dilley, RJ
2013 Hypoxic conditioning enhances the angiogenic paracrine activity of human adipose-derived stem cells
Lim, SY Dusting, GJ Abberton, KM Peshavariya, HM Lokmic, Z Hsiao, ST Dilley, RJ
2013 Proinflammatory cytokines contribute to development and function of regulatory T cells in type 1 dia
1283(): 81-86
Thomas, HE Graham, KL Chee, J Thomas, R Kay, TW Krishnamurthy, B
2013 The association of blood transfusion with mortality after cardiac surgery: cause or confounding? (CM
53(1): 19-27
Dixon, B Santamaria, JD Reid, D Collins, M Rechnitzer, T Newcomb, AE Nixon, I Yii, M Rosalion, A Campbell, DJ
2013 Single phosphorylation sites in Acc1 and Acc2 regulate lipid homeostasis and the insulin-sensitizing
19(12): 1649-1654
Fullerton, MD Galic, S Marcinko, K Sikkema, S Pulinilkunnil, T Chen, ZP O’Neill, HM Ford, RJ Palanivel, R O’Brien, M Hardie, DG Macaulay, SL Schertzer, JD Dyck, JRB van Denderen, B Kemp, BE Steinberg, GR
2013 ATRA and the specific RAR alpha agonist, NRX195183, have opposing effects on the clonogenicity of pr
27(6): 1369-1380
Chee, LCY Hendy, J Purton, LE McArthur, GA
2013 Removal of myeloid cytokines from the cellular environment enhances T-cell development in vitro
25(10): 589-599
Smeets, MFMA Mackenzie-Kludas, C Mohtashami, M Zhang, HH Zuniga-Pflucker, JC Izon, DJ
2013 Most individuals with treated blood pressures above target receive only one or two antihypertensive
43(2): 137-143
Campbell, DJ McGrady, M Prior, DL Coller, JM Boffa, U Shiel, L Liew, D Wolfe, R Stewart, S Reid, CM Krum, H
2013 The elephant in the room of hypertension treatment reply
43(9): 1052-1053
Campbell, DJ McGrady, M Prior, DL Coller, JM Boffa, U Shiel, L Liew, D Stewart, S Reid, CM Krum, H
2013 N-terminal B-type natriuretic peptide and the association with left ventricular diastolic function i
15(5): 573-580
McGrady, M Reid, CM Shiel, L Wolfe, R Boffa, U Liew, D Campbell, DJ Prior, D Krum, H
2013 Rho-associated coiled-coil kinase (ROCK) signaling and disease
48(4): 301-316
Schofield, AV Bernard, O