Publications in 2013

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2013 Do intravenous and subcutaneous angiotensin II increase blood pressure by different mechanisms?
40(8): 560-570
Campbell, DJ
2013 Introduction
40(8): 525-526
Campbell, DJ
2013 What does an elevated troponin mean? An update on the definition of myocardial infarction
42(8): 554-559
Xu, B MacIsaac, AI
2013 Obesity Is Associated with Lower Coronary Microvascular Density
8(11): -
Campbell, DJ Somaratne, JB Prior, DL Yii, M Kenny, JF Newcomb, AE Kelly, DJ Black, MJ
2013 AMPK regulation of fatty acid metabolism and mitochondrial biogenesis: Implications for obesity
366(2): 135-151
O’Neill, HM Holloway, GP Steinberg, GR
2013 Reduced microvascular density in non-ischemic myocardium of patients with recent non-ST-segment-elev
167(3): 1027-1037
Campbell, DJ Somaratne, JB Jenkins, AJ Prior, DL Yii, M Kenny, JF Newcomb, AE Kelly, DJ Black, MJ
2013 NT-proB natriuretic peptide, risk factors and asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction: Results of
169(2): 133-138
McGrady, M Reid, CM Shiel, L Wolfe, R Boffa, U Liew, D Campbell, DJ Prior, D Stewart, S Krum, H
2013 Early Identification of Asymptomatic Subjects at Increased Risk of Heart Failure and Cardiovascular
22(3): 171-178
Coller, JM Campbell, DJ Krum, H Prior, DL
2013 Determining epithelial contribution to in vivo mesenchymal tumour expression signature using species
95(1): 14-29
Purdom, E Restall, C Busuttil, RA Schluter, H Boussioutas, A Thompson, EW Anderson, RL Speed, TP Haviv, I
2013 T-cell potential of human adult and cord blood hemopoietic stem cells expanded with the use of aryl
15(2): 224-230
Carlin, SM Ma, DD Moore, JJ
2013 Signalling by the beta c family of cytokines
24(3): 189-201
Hercus, TR Dhagat, U Kan, WLT Broughton, SE Nero, TL Perugini, M Sandow, JJ D’Andrea, RJ Ekert, PG Hughes, T Parker, MW Lopez, AF
2013 Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Inhibits Bone Formation and Plays a Sex-Specific Role in Bone Growth and
92(5): 493-493
McGregor, NE Poulton, IJ Walker, EC Pompolo, S Quinn, JMW Martin, TJ Sims, NA
2013 Dynamic changes in high and low mammographic density human breast tissues maintained in murine tissu
140(2): 285-297
Chew, GL Huang, D Huo, CW Blick, T Hill, P Cawson, J Frazer, H Southey, MD Hopper, JL Henderson, MA Haviv, I Thompson, EW
2013 Tubulin polymerization promoting protein 1 (TPPP1) increases beta-catenin expression through inhibit
436(4): 571-577
Schofield, AV Gamell, C Bernard, O
2013 PEGylation of interferon alpha 2 improves lymphatic exposure after subcutaneous and intravenous admi
168(2): 200-208
Kaminskas, LM Ascher, DB McLeod, VM Herold, MJ Le, CP Sloan, EK Porter, CJH