Publications in 2014

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2014 Cells of origin in osteosarcoma: Mesenchymal stem cells or osteoblast committed cells?
62(): 56-63
Mutsaers, AJ Walkley, CR
2014 Small Molecule Drug A-769662 and AMP Synergistically Activate Naive AMPK Independent of Upstream Kin
21(5): 619-627
Scott, JW Ling, NM Issa, SMA Dite, TA O’Brien, MT Chen, ZP Galic, S Langendorf, CG Steinberg, GR Kemp, BE Oakhill, JS
2014 ATP sensitive bi-quinoline activator of the AMP-activated protein kinase
443(2): 435-440
Scott, JW Oakhill, JS Ling, NXY Langendorf, CG Foitzik, RC Kemp, BE Issinger, OG