Publications in 2014

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2014 Glycaemic control in diabetes is restored by therapeutic manipulation of cytokines that regulated beta cell stress
Loudovaris, T Borg, DJ Chen, AC Hasnain, SZ Wang, R Prins, JB Das, I Forbes, JM Ng, CP Whitehead, JP Sheng, YH Thomas, HE Tong, H Kay, TW Harbourt, BE McGuckin, MA
2014 Dual mechanism of interleukin-3 receptor blockade by an anti-cancer antibody.
Dhagat, U Hardy, MP Parker, MW Kan, WL Hercus, TR Wilson, NJ Barry, EF Nash, AD Braley, H Owczarek, CM Huynh, H Busfield, SJ Dottore, M Hartman, D McClure, BJ Scotney, PD Broughton, SE Lopez, AF
2014 Crystallisation and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of the Interleukin-3 alpha receptor bound to Fab fragment of antibody CSL362
Scotney, PD Fabri, LJ Hardy, MP Owczarek, CM Dhagat, U Lopez, AF Nero, TL Wilson, NJ Hercus, TR Nash, AD Broughton, SE Parker, MW
2014 Crystallisation and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of the Fab portion of Alzheimer’s disease immunotherapy Bapineuzumab complexed amyloid-β
2014 Vascularisation to improve translational potential of tissue engineering systems for cardiac repair
Dilley, RJ Morrison, WA
2014 Isolation of human lymphatic malformation endothelial cells, their in vitro characterization and in vivo survival in a mouse xenograft model
Lokmic, Z Mitchell, GM Williams, ED Zeng, Y Gerrand, YW Bastiaanse, J Koh Wee Chong, N Penington, AJ
2014 S100A1 and S100B are dispensable for endochondral ossification during skeletal development
2014 gp130 signalling in osteocytes is required for the anabolic action of parathyroid hormone
Johnson, RW Standal, T Martin, TJ Walker, EC McGregor, NE Poulton, IJ Brennan, HJ Sims, NA
2014 PTHrP, its receptor, and protein kinase A activation in osteosarcoma
Walia, MK Walkley, CR Ho, PW Martin, TJ
2014 Activity-Modulating Monoclonal Antibodies to the Human Serine Protease HtrA3 Provide Novel Insights
Singh, H Nero, TL Wang, Y Parker, MW Nie, GY
2014 Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of the interleukin-3 alpha receptor bound
70(Pt 3):358-61
Broughton, SE Hercus, TR Nero, TL Dhagat, U Owczarek, CM Hardy, MP Fabri, LJ Scotney, PD Nash, AD Wilson, NJ Lopez, AF Parker, MW
2014 Thymosin beta(4) Administration Enhances Fracture Healing in Mice
32(10): 1277-1282
Brady, RD Grills, BL Schuijers, JA Ward, AR Tonkin, BA Walsh, NC McDonald, SJ
2014 Amino-terminal-pro-B-type natriuretic peptide levels and low diastolic blood pressure: potential rel
32(11): 2158-2165
Campbell, DJ McGrady, M Prior, DL Coller, JM Boffa, U Shiel, L Liew, D Wolfe, R Stewart, S Reid, CM Krum, H
2014 Muscle-specific AMPK beta 1 beta 2-null mice display a myopathy due to loss of capillary density in
28(5): 2098-2107
Thomas, MM Wang, DC D’Souza, DM Krause, MP Layne, AS Criswell, DS O’Neill, HM Connor, MK Anderson, JE Kemp, BE Steinberg, GR Hawke, TJ
2014 Novel mechanisms of Na+ retention in obesity: phosphorylation of NKCC2 and regulation of SPAK/OSR1 b
307(1): F96-F106
Davies, M Fraser, SA Galic, S Choy, SW Katerelos, M Gleich, K Kemp, BE Mount, PF Power, DA