Publications in 2014

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2014 Characterization of Two Distinct Modes of Drug Binding to Human Intestinal Fatty Acid Binding Protei
9(11): 2526-2534
Patil, R Laguerre, A Wielens, J Headey, SJ Williams, ML Hughes, MLR Mohanty, B Porter, CJH Scanlon, MJ
2014 Congenic mice reveal genetic epistasis and overlapping disease loci for autoimmune diabetes and list
66(7-Aug): 501-506
Wang, N Elso, CM Mackin, L Mannering, SI Strugnell, RA Wijburg, OL Brodnicki, TC
2014 AMPK phosphorylation of ACC2 is required for skeletal muscle fatty acid oxidation and insulin sensit
57(8): 1693-1702
O’Neill, HM Lally, JS Galic, S Thomas, M Azizi, PD Fullerton, MD Smith, BK Pulinilkunnil, T Chen, ZP Samaan, MC Jorgensen, SB Dyck, JRB Holloway, GP Hawke, TJ van Denderen, B Kemp, BE Steinberg, GR
2014 A distant downstream enhancer directs essential expression of Tbx18 in urogenital tissues
392(2): 483-493
Bolt, CC Elso, CM Lu, XC Pan, FM Kispert, A Stubbs, L
2014 New therapeutics for osteoporosis
16(): 58-63
Ng, KW Martin, TJ
2014 Osteoclast-Derived Coupling Factors in Bone Remodeling
94(1): 88-97
Henriksen, K Karsdal, MA Martin, TJ
2014 Talking among Ourselves: Paracrine Control of Bone Formation within the Osteoblast Lineage
94(1): 35-45
Tonna, S Sims, NA
2014 Cell-Cell Signaling: Broadening Our View of the Basic Multicellular Unit
94(1): 2-3
Sims, NA Civitelli, R
2014 Mammographic density-a review on the current understanding of its association with breast cancer
144(3): 479-502
Huo, CW Chew, GL Britt, KL Ingman, WV Henderson, MA Hopper, JL Thompson, EW
2014 Effects of Tamoxifen and oestrogen on histology and radiographic density in high and low mammographi
148(2): 303-314
Chew, GL Huo, CW Huang, D Blick, T Hill, P Cawson, J Frazer, H Southey, MC Hopper, JL Britt, K Henderson, MA Haviv, I Thompson, EW
2014 Anti-A beta antibody target engagement: a response to Siemers et al.
128(4): 611-614
Watt, AD Crespi, GAN Down, RA Ascher, DB Gunn, A Perez, KA McLean, CA Villemagne, VL Parker, MW Barnham, KJ Miles, LA
2014 Regulation of cortical and trabecular bone mass by communication between osteoblasts, osteocytes and
561(): 22-28
Sims, NA Vrahnas, C
2014 High threshold of beta 1 integrin inhibition required to block collagen I-induced membrane type-1 ma
14(): -
Borrirukwanit, K Pavasant, P Blick, T Lafleur, MA Thompson, EW
2014 DUET: a server for predicting effects of mutations on protein stability using an integrated computat
42(W1): W314-W319
Pires, DEV Ascher, DB Blundell, TL
2014 Tracking of intertissue migration reveals the origins of tumor-infiltrating monocytes
111(21): 7771-7776
Shand, FHW Ueha, S Otsuji, M Koid, SS Shichino, S Tsukui, T Kosugi-Kanaya, M Abe, J Tomura, M Ziogas, J Matsushima, K