Publications in 2014

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2014 Myeloma plasma cells alter the bone marrow microenvironment by stimulating the proliferation of mese
99(1): 163-171
Noll, JE Williams, SA Tong, CM Wang, HS Quach, JM Purton, LE Pilkington, K To, LB Evdokiou, A Gronthos, S Zannettino, ACW
2014 Mutant TDP-43 Deregulates AMPK Activation by PP2A in ALS Models
9(3): -
Perera, ND Sheean, RK Scott, JW Kemp, BE Horne, MK Turner, BJ
2014 Enhanced activation of cellular AMPK by dual-small molecule treatment: AICAR and A769662
306(6): E688-E696
Ducommun, S Ford, RJ Bultot, L Deak, M Bertrand, L Kemp, BE Steinberg, GR Sakamoto, K
2014 Hepatic Glucose Intolerance Precedes Hepatic Steatosis in the Male Aromatase Knockout (ArKO) Mouse
9(2): -
Van Sinderen, ML Steinberg, GR Jorgensen, SB To, SQ Knower, KC Clyne, CD Honeyman, J Chow, JD Herridge, KA Jones, MEE Simpson, ER Boon, WC
2014 Induction of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in breast cancer cells is calcium signal depend
33(18): 2307-2316
Davis, FM Azimi, I Faville, RA Peters, AA Jalink, K Putney, JW Goodhill, GJ Thompson, EW Roberts-Thomson, SJ Monteith, GR
2014 mCSM: predicting the effects of mutations in proteins using graph-based signatures
30(3): 335-342
Pires, DEV Ascher, DB Blundell, TL
2014 The Incretin Response After Successful Islet Transplantation
97(2): E9-E11
Vethakkan, SR Walters, JM Gooley, JL Boston, RC Kay, TWH Goodman, DJ Jenkins, AJ Ward, GM
2014 The Operating Surgeon Is an Independent Predictor of Chest Tube Drainage Following Cardiac Surgery
28(2): 242-246
Dixon, B Reid, D Collins, M Newcomb, AE Rosalion, A Yap, CH Santamaria, JD Campbell, DJ
2014 Activation of AMPK reduces the co-transporter activity of NKCC1
31(2-Mar): 95-102
Fraser, SA Davies, M Katerelos, M Gleich, K Choy, SW Steel, R Galic, S Mount, PF Kemp, BE Power, DA
2014 Oncogenic protein interfaces: small molecules, big challenges
14(4): 248-262
Nero, TL Morton, CJ Holien, JK Wielens, J Parker, MW
2014 Reduced skeletal muscle AMPK and mitochondrial markers do not promote age-induced insulin resistance
117(2): 171-179
Bujak, AL Blumer, RME Marcinko, K Fullerton, MD Kemp, BE Steinberg, GR
2014 Functional cytotoxic T lymphocytes against IGRP(206-214) predict diabetes in the non-obese diabetic
92(7): 640-644
Ko, HJ Chee, J Sutherland, RM Thomas, HE Zhan, YF Krishnamurthy, B Kay, TWH Lew, AM
2014 Compensatory regulation of HDAC5 in muscle maintains metabolic adaptive responses and metabolism in
28(8): 3384-3395
McGee, SL Swinton, C Morrison, S Gaur, V Campbell, DE Jorgensen, SB Kemp, BE Baar, K Steinberg, GR Hargreaves, M
2014 EphrinB2 signaling in osteoblasts promotes bone mineralization by preventing apoptosis
28(10): 4482-4496
Tonna, S Takyar, FM Vrahnas, C Crimeen-Irwin, B Ho, PWM Poulton, IJ Brennan, HJ McGregor, NE Allan, EH Nguyen, H Forwood, MR Tatarczuch, L Mackie, EJ Martin, TJ Sims, NA
2014 Erythroid-extrinsic regulation of normal erythropoiesis by retinoic acid receptors
164(2): 280-285
Dewamitta, SR Joseph, C Purton, LE Walkley, CR