Publications in 2012

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2012 The Ancient Drug Salicylate Directly Activates AMP-Activated Protein Kinase
336(6083): 918-922
Hawley, SA Fullerton, MD Ross, FA Schertzer, JD Chevtzoff, C Walker, KJ Peggie, MW Zibrova, D Green, KA Mustard, KJ Kemp, BE Sakamoto, K Steinberg, GR Hardie, DG
2012 Improvement in Outcomes of Clinical Islet Transplantation: 1999-2010
35(7): 1436-1445
Barton, FB Rickels, MR Alejandro, R Hering, BJ Wease, S Naziruddin, B Oberholzer, J Odorico, JS Garfinkel, MR Levy, M Pattou, F Berney, T Secchi, A Messinger, S Senior, PA Maffi, P Posselt, A Stock, PG Kaufman, DB Luo, XR Kandeel, F Cagliero, E Turgeon, NA Witkowski, P Naji, A O’Connell, PJ Greenbaum, C Kudva, YC Brayman, KL Aull, MJ Larsen, C Kay, TWH Fernandez, LA Vantyghem, MC Bellin, M Shapiro, AMJ
2012 Fak depletion in both hematopoietic and nonhematopoietic niche cells leads to hematopoietic stem cel
40(4): 307-317
Lu, LY Sun, Y Nombela-Arrieta, C Du, KP Park, SY Chai, L Walkley, C Luo, HBR Silberstein, LE
2012 Anti-apoptotic Mcl-1 is essential for the development and sustained growth of acute myeloid leukemia
26(2): 120-125
Glaser, SP Lee, EF Trounson, E Bouillet, P Wei, A Fairlie, WD Izon, DJ Zuber, J Rappaport, AR Herold, MJ Alexander, WS Lowe, SW Robb, L Strasser, A
2012 Elevated Hypothalamic TCPTP in Obesity Contributes to Cellular Leptin Resistance (vol 14, pg 684, 20
15(6): 925-926
Loh, K Fukushima, A Zhang, XM Galic, S Briggs, D Enriori, PJ Simonds, S Wiede, F Reichenbach, A Hauser, C Sims, NA Bence, KK Zhang, S Zhang, ZY Kahn, BB Neel, BG Andrews, ZB Cowley, MA Tiganis, T
2012 Demonstration of islet-autoreactive CD8 T cells in insulitic lesions from recent onset and long-term
209(1): 51-60
Coppieters, KT Dotta, F Amirian, N Campbell, PD Kay, TWH Atkinson, MA Roep, BO von Herrath, MG
2012 An MMP13-Selective Inhibitor Delays Primary Tumor Growth and the Onset of Tumor-Associated Osteolyti
7(1): -
Shah, M Huang, DX Blick, T Connor, A Reiter, LA Hardink, JR Lynch, CC Waltham, M Thompson, EW
2012 The Outcome of Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Is Unchanged in AMPK-beta 1 Deficient Mice
7(1): -
Mount, PF Gleich, K Tam, S Fraser, SA Choy, SW Dwyer, KM Lu, B van Denderen, B Fingerle-Rowson, G Bucala, R Kemp, BE Power, DA
2012 The Size of the Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Compartment Is a Multigenic Trait Dominated by a Locus o
188(11): 5561-5570
Peletier, AN Guimont-Desrochers, F Ashton, MP Brodnicki, TC Lesage, S
2012 Reduced Lymphocyte Longevity and Homeostatic Proliferation in Lamin B Receptor-Deficient Mice Result
188(1): 122-134
Verhagen, AM de Graaf, CA Baldwin, TM Goradia, A Collinge, JE Kile, BT Metcalf, D Starr, R Hilton, DJ
2012 Human Islets Express a Marked Proinflammatory Molecular Signature Prior to Transplantation
21(9): 2063-2078
Cowley, MJ Weinberg, A Zammit, NW Walters, SN Hawthorne, WJ Loudovaris, T Thomas, H Kay, T Gunton, JE Alexander, SI Kaplan, W Chapman, J O’Connell, PJ Grey, ST
2012 Expression of Pro- and Antiapoptotic Molecules of the Bcl-2 Family in Human Islets Postisolation
21(1): 49-60
Campbell, PD Weinberg, A Chee, J Mariana, L Ayala, R Hawthorne, WJ O’Connell, PJ Loudovaris, T Cowley, MJ Kay, TW Grey, ST Thomas, HE
2012 Biased T Cell Receptor Usage Directed against Human Leukocyte Antigen DQ8-Restricted Gliadin Peptide
37(4): 611-621
Broughton, SE Petersen, J Theodossis, A Scally, SW Loh, KL Thompson, A van Bergen, J Kooy-Winkelaar, Y Henderson, KN Beddoe, T Tye-Din, JA Mannering, SI Purcell, AW McCluskey, J Anderson, RP Koning, F Reid, HH Rossjohn, J
2012 Angiotensin II generation in vivo: does it involve enzymes other than renin and angiotensin-converti
13(2): 314-316
Campbell, DJ
2012 Leukemia inhibitory factor: A paracrine mediator of bone metabolism
30(2): 76-87
Sims, NA Johnson, RW