Publications in 2012

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2012 Transplantation of engineered cardiac muscle flaps in syngeneic rats
Hsiao, ST Choi, YS Liu, GS Dusting, GJ Morrison, WA Tee, R Dilley, RJ
2012 The in vitro preconditioning of myoblasts to enhance subsequent survival in an in vivo tissue engineering chamber model
Han, XL Taylor, CJ Gerrand, YW Dusting, GJ Dingle, AM Morrison, WA Keramidaris, E Mitchell, CA Davies, EM Penington, AJ Tilkorn, DJ Palmer, J Mitchell, GM
2012 In vitro myoblast preconditioning enhances subsequent survival post in vivo implantation into a tissue engineering chamber
Morrison, WA Davies, EM Penington, AJ Tilkorn, DJ Palmer, J Han, XL Taylor, CJ Gerrand, YW Mitchell, CA Dingle, AM Dusting, GJ Keramidaris, E Mitchell, GM
2012 Extraction of tissue antigens for functional assays
Albatat, B Chand, R Necula, AS Mannering, SI
2012 Enrichment of neonatal rat cardiomyocytes in primary culture facilitates long term maintenance of contractility in vitro
Nguyen, PD Lim, SY Sivakumaran, P Hsiao, ST Dilley, RJ
2012 The DNA translocase activity of FANCM protects stalled replication forks
Schwab, RA Blackford, AN Nieminuszczy, J Deans, AJ West, SC Niedzwiedz, W
2012 Drosha reveals multiple functions for miRNAs in postnatal skin
Chong, MMW Tam, OH Wong, G Okegbe, T Andl, T Choi, YS Littman, DR Teta, M Nagy, A Seykora, JT Millar, SE
2012 Dynamic microRNA gene transcription and processing during T cell development
Jones, L Low, SL Ciofani, M Pauli, F Bell, F Sellars, M Bonneau, R Myers, RM Littman, DR Kirigin, FF Lindstedt, K Chong, MMW
2012 Drosha regulates neurogenesis by controlling Neurogenin2 expression independent of microRNA
Lugert, S Littman, DR Knuckles, P Haultbergue, GM Chong, MMW Vogt, M Wilson, SA Milo, M Taylar, V
2012 Genetically engineered mouse models and human osteosarcoma
Baker, EK Mutsaers, AJ Ng, AJM Walkley, CR
2012 A dynamic in vivo model of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transitions in circulating tumor cells and meta
31(33): 3741-3753
Bonnomet, A Syne, L Brysse, A Feyereisen, E Thompson, EW Noel, A Foidart, JM Birembaut, P Polette, M Gilles, C
2012 Protein monoubiquitination and polyubiquitination generate structural diversity to control distinct
64(2): 136-142
Sadowski, M Suryadinata, R Tan, AR Roesley, SNA Sarcevic, B
2012 An indirect role for NK cells in a CD4(+) T-cell-dependent mouse model of type I diabetes
90(2): 243-247
Angstetra, E Graham, KL Zhao, YX Irvin, AE Elkerbout, L Santamaria, P Slattery, RM Kay, TW Thomas, HE
2012 The GM-CSF/IL-3/IL-5 cytokine receptor family: from ligand recognition to initiation of signaling
250(): 277-302
Broughton, SE Dhagat, U Hercus, TR Nero, TL Grimbaldeston, MA Bonder, CS Lopez, AF Parker, MW
2012 Vaccination Against High Blood Pressure
18(7): 1005-1010
Campbell, DJ