Publications in 2012

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2012 Transplantation of engineered cardiac muscle flaps in syngeneic rats
Dusting, GJ Morrison, WA Tee, R Hsiao, ST Choi, YS Liu, GS Dilley, RJ
2012 The in vitro preconditioning of myoblasts to enhance subsequent survival in an in vivo tissue engineering chamber model
Dusting, GJ Dingle, AM Morrison, WA Keramidaris, E Mitchell, CA Davies, EM Penington, AJ Tilkorn, DJ Palmer, J Han, XL Taylor, CJ Gerrand, YW Mitchell, GM
2012 In vitro myoblast preconditioning enhances subsequent survival post in vivo implantation into a tissue engineering chamber
Han, XL Taylor, CJ Gerrand, YW Mitchell, CA Dingle, AM Dusting, GJ Keramidaris, E Morrison, WA Davies, EM Penington, AJ Tilkorn, DJ Palmer, J Mitchell, GM
2012 Extraction of tissue antigens for functional assays
Chand, R Necula, AS Albatat, B Mannering, SI
2012 Enrichment of neonatal rat cardiomyocytes in primary culture facilitates long term maintenance of contractility in vitro
Lim, SY Sivakumaran, P Hsiao, ST Nguyen, PD Dilley, RJ
2012 The DNA translocase activity of FANCM protects stalled replication forks
Schwab, RA Blackford, AN Nieminuszczy, J Deans, AJ West, SC Niedzwiedz, W
2012 Drosha reveals multiple functions for miRNAs in postnatal skin
Okegbe, T Andl, T Choi, YS Littman, DR Teta, M Nagy, A Seykora, JT Chong, MMW Tam, OH Wong, G Millar, SE
2012 Dynamic microRNA gene transcription and processing during T cell development
Bell, F Ciofani, M Jones, L Kirigin, FF Lindstedt, K Littman, DR Low, SL Myers, RM Pauli, F Bonneau, R Sellars, M Chong, MMW
2012 Drosha regulates neurogenesis by controlling Neurogenin2 expression independent of microRNA
Lugert, S Milo, M Vogt, M Wilson, SA Chong, MMW Haultbergue, GM Knuckles, P Littman, DR Taylar, V
2012 Genetically engineered mouse models and human osteosarcoma
Baker, EK Mutsaers, AJ Ng, AJM Walkley, CR
2012 A dynamic in vivo model of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transitions in circulating tumor cells and meta
31(33): 3741-3753
Bonnomet, A Syne, L Brysse, A Feyereisen, E Thompson, EW Noel, A Foidart, JM Birembaut, P Polette, M Gilles, C
2012 Protein monoubiquitination and polyubiquitination generate structural diversity to control distinct
64(2): 136-142
Sadowski, M Suryadinata, R Tan, AR Roesley, SNA Sarcevic, B
2012 An indirect role for NK cells in a CD4(+) T-cell-dependent mouse model of type I diabetes
90(2): 243-247
Angstetra, E Graham, KL Zhao, YX Irvin, AE Elkerbout, L Santamaria, P Slattery, RM Kay, TW Thomas, HE
2012 The GM-CSF/IL-3/IL-5 cytokine receptor family: from ligand recognition to initiation of signaling
250(): 277-302
Broughton, SE Dhagat, U Hercus, TR Nero, TL Grimbaldeston, MA Bonder, CS Lopez, AF Parker, MW
2012 Vaccination Against High Blood Pressure
18(7): 1005-1010
Campbell, DJ