Publications in 2021

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2021 Dmp1Cre-directed knockdown of parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) in murine decidua is associated with a life-long increase in bone mass, width, and strength in male progeny
Ansari, N Isojima, T Crimeen-Irwin, B Poulton, IJ McGregor, NE Ho, PWM Forwood, MR Kovacs, CS Dimitriadis, E Gooi, JH Martin, TJ Sims, NA
2021 Optimizing expression quantitative trait locus mapping workflows for single-cell studies
Cuomo, ASE Alvari, G Azodi, CB McCarthy, DJ Bonder, MJ
2021 Mis-reporting of energy intake among older Australian adults: Prevalence, characteristics, and associations with quality of life
Govindaraju, T McCaffrey, TA McNeil, JJ Reid, CM Smith, BJ Campbell, DJ Owen, AJ
2021 Part 1: The Wider Considerations in Translating Heart Failure Guidelines
Iyngkaran, P Wilson, A Wong, JM Prior, D Kaye, D Hare, DL Bergin, P Jelinek, M
2021 From the niche to malignant hematopoiesis and back: reciprocal interactions between leukemia and the bone marrow microenvironment
Soto, CA Lo Celso, C Purton, LE Frisch, BJ
2021 splatPop: simulating population scale single-cell RNA sequencing data
Azodi, CB Zappia, L Oshlack, A McCarthy, DJ
2021 T cell receptor recognition of hybrid insulin peptides bound to HLA-DQ8
Tran, MT Faridi, P Lim, JJ Ting, YT Onwukwe, G Bhattacharjee, P Jones, CM Tresoldi, E Cameron, FJ La Gruta, NL Purcell, AW Mannering, SI Rossjohn, J Reid, HH
2021 The characterization of distinct populations of murine skeletal cells that have different roles in B lymphopoiesis
Green, AC Tjin, G Lee, SC Chalk, AM Straszkowski, L Kwang, D Baker, EK Quach, JM Kimura, T Wu, JY Purton, LE
2021 Machine Learning Algorithms, Applied to Intact Islets of Langerhans, Demonstrate Significantly Enhanced Insulin Staining at the Capillary Interface of Human Pancreatic beta Cells
Cottle, L Gilroy, I Deng, K Loudovaris, T Thomas, HE Gill, AJ Samra, JS Kebede, MA Kim, J Thorn, P
2021 Identification of mRNA and microRNA transcripts that differ in expression across islet donor sex, age and BMI
Wong, WKM Joglekar, MV Sorensen, AE Chew, Y Cheng, F Loudovaris, T Thomas, HE Ma, RCW Hawthorne, WJ Dalgaard, LT Hardikar, AA
2021 Similarities and differences between IL11 and IL11RA1 knockout mice for lung fibro-inflammation, fertility and craniosynostosis
Ng, B Widjaja, AA Viswanathan, S Dong, JR Chothani, SP Lim, S Shekeran, SG Tan, J McGregor, NE Walker, EC Sims, NA Schafer, S Cook, SA
2021 Integrin alpha v beta 5 heterodimer is a specific marker of human pancreatic beta cells
Schiesser, JV Loudovaris, T Thomas, HE Elefanty, AG Stanley, EG
2021 Salsalate reduces atherosclerosis through AMPK beta 1 in mice
Day, EA Ford, RJ Smith, BK Ronde, VP Stypa, S Rehal, S Lhotak, S Kemp, BE Trigatti, BL Werstuck, GH Austin, RC Fullerton, MD Steinberg, GR
2021 Insulin-Binding Peptide Probes Provide a Novel Strategy for Pancreatic beta-Cell Imaging
Eriksson, M Litwak, SA Yun, Y Stanley, WJ Thorn, P Ahlgren, U Gurzov, EN
2021 Reducing adverse events associated with the glucagon stimulation test for the assessment of growth hormone deficiency in adults with a high prevalence of pituitary hormone deficiencies
Gogna, R Jung, C McLachlan, K Krishnamurthy, B Hong, A Derbyshire, M Kiburg, KV Zacharin, M MacIsaac, RJ Sachithanandan, N Caputo, C