Publications in 2021

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2021 AMPK activation by SC4 inhibits noradrenaline- induced lipolysis and insulin-stimulated lipogenesis in white tissue
Chuang, SJ Johanns, M Ruys, SPD Steinberg, GR Kemp, BE Viollet, B Rider, MH
2021 Development of [F-18]MIPS15692, a radiotracer with in vitro proof-of-concept for the imaging of MER tyrosine kinase (MERTK) in neuroinflammatory disease
Wong, SW Vivash, L Mudududdla, R Nguyen, N Hermans, SJ Shackleford, DM Field, J Xue, L Aprico, A Hancock, NC Haskali, M Stashko, MA Frye, SV Wang, XD Binder, MD Ackermann, U Parker, MW Kilpatrick, TJ Baell, JB
2021 STAT3 Regulates Mitochondrial Gene Expression in Pancreatic beta-Cells and Its Deficiency Induces Glucose Intolerance in Obesity
Schaschkow, A Pang, L Vandenbempt, V Elvira, B Litwak, SA Vekeriotaite, B Maillard, E Vermeersch, M Paula, FMM Pinget, M Perez-Morga, D Gough, DJ Gurzov, EN
2021 Angiogenic regulatory influence of extracellular matrix deposited by resting state asthmatic and non-asthmatic airway smooth muscle cells is similar
Faiz, A Harkness, LM Tjin, G Bernal, V Horvatovich, P James, A Elliot, JG Burgess, JK Ashton, AW
2021 Australian experience with total pancreatectomy with islet autotransplantation to treat chronic pancreatitis
Bampton, TJ Holmes-Walker, DJ Drogemuller, CJ Radford, T Anderson, P Etherton, C Russell, CH Khurana, S Torpy, DJ Couper, JJ Couper, RLT Macintyre, P Neo, EL Benitez-Aguirre, P Thomas, G Loudovaris, T Thomas, HE Palmer, LJ Wu, DH Rogers, NM Williams, L Hawthorne, WJ O’Connell, PJ Kay, TW Pleass, H Chen, JW Coates, PT
2021 In vivo survival and differentiation of Friedreich ataxia iPSC-derived sensory neurons transplanted in the adult dorsal root ganglia
Viventi, S Frausin, S Howden, SE Lim, SY Finol-Urdaneta, RK McArthur, JR Abu-Bonsrah, KD Ng, W Ivanusic, J Thompson, L Dottori, M
2021 Structure of native HIV-1 cores and their interactions with IP6 and CypA
Ni, T Zhu, YA Yang, ZY Xu, CY Chaban, Y Nesterova, T Ning, JY Bocking, T Parker, MW Monnie, C Ahn, J Perilla, JR Zhang, PJ
2021 Crossover interference: Just ZYP it
Crismani, W Girard, C Lloyd, A
2021 Peripheral-specific Y1 receptor antagonism increases thermogenesis and protects against diet-induced obesity
Yan, CX Zeng, TS Lee, K Nobis, M Loh, K Gou, LN Xia, ZF Gao, ZM Bensellam, M Hughes, W Lau, J Zhang, L Ip, CK Enriquez, R Gao, HY Wang, QP Wu, Q Haigh, JJ Laybutt, DR Timpson, P Herzog, H Shi, YC
2021 South Australian experience with paediatric total pancreatectomy and islet autotransplantation for PRSS1-associated hereditary pancreatitis
Eldredge, J Couper, MR Moore, DJ Khurana, S Chen, JWC Couper, JJ Drogemuller, CJ Radford, T Kay, TW Loudovaris, T Wilks, M Coates, PT Couper, RTL
2021 The ASCIZ-DYNLL1 Axis Is Essential for TLR4-Mediated Antibody Responses and NF-kappa B Pathway Activation
Liu, R King, A Tarlinton, D Heierhorst, J
2021 Editorial: Developmental Biology and Regulation of Osteoclasts
Gabet, Y Neumann, D Levaot, N Elson, A Sims, NA
2021 Genome-wide genetic screen identifies host ubiquitination as important for Legionella pneumophila Dot/Icm effector translocation
Ong, SY Schuelein, R Wibawa, RR Thomas, DW Handoko, Y Freytag, S Bahlo, M Simpson, KJ Hartland, EL
2021 Messing with beta c: A unique receptor with many goals
Kan, WL Shing, KSCT Nero, TL Hercus, TR Tvorogov, D Parker, MW Lopez, AF
2021 Cellular Bioenergetics and AMPK and TORC1 Signalling in Blood Lymphoblasts Are Biomarkers of Clinical Status in FMR1 Premutation Carriers
Loesch, DZ Kemp, BE Bui, MQ Fisher, PR Allan, CY Sanislav, O Ngoei, KRW Atkinson, A Tassone, F Annesley, SJ Storey, E