Publications in 2017

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2017 Generation of donor-specific Tr1 cells to be used after kidney transplantation and definition of the timing of their in vivo infusion in the presence of immunosuppression
Mfarrej, B Tresoldi, E Stabilini, A Paganelli, A Caldara, R Secchi, A Battaglia, M
2017 Impact of Genetic Variation on Human CaMKK2 Regulation by Ca2+-Calmodulin and Multisite Phosphorylation
O’Brien, MT Oakhill, JS Ling, NMXY Langendorf, CG Hoque, A Dite, TA Means, AR Kemp, BE Scott, JW
2017 RMI1 and TOP3 alpha limit meiotic CO formation through their C-terminal domains
Seguela-Arnaud, M Choinard, S Larcheveque, C Girard, C Froger, N Crismani, W Mercier, R
2017 Long-term neprilysin inhibition - implications for ARNIs
Campbell, DJ
2017 Data Descriptor: Systematic high-content genome-wide RNAi screens of endothelial cell migration and morphology
Williams, SP Gould, CM Nowell, CJ Karnezis, T Achen, MG Simpson, KJ Stacker, SA
2017 First Report of Successful Total Pancreatectomy and Islet Autotransplant in Australia
Geyer, MC Coates, PT Khurana, S Chen, JWC Kay, TWH Balamurugan, AN Couper, JJ Radford, T Drogemuller, CJ Loudovaris, T Pathi, R Wilks, MJ Couper, RTL
2017 Fragment library screening identifies hits that bind to the non-catalytic surface of Pseudomonas aeruginosa DsbA1
Mohanty, B Rimmer, K McMahon, RM Headey, SJ Vazirani, M Shouldice, SR Coincon, M Tay, S Morton, CJ Simpson, JS Martin, JL Scanlon, MJ
2017 mTORC1 Plays an Important Role in Skeletal Development by Controlling Preosteoblast Differentiation
Fitter, S Matthews, MP Martin, SK Xie, JL Ooi, SS Walkley, CR Codrington, JD Ruegg, MA Hall, MN Proud, CG Gronthos, S Zannettino, ACW
2017 Re-addressing the 2013 consensus guidelines for the diagnosis of insulitis in human type 1 diabetes: is change necessary?
Campbell-Thompson, ML Atkinson, MA Butler, AE Giepmans, BN von Herrath, MG Hyoty, H Kay, TW Morgan, NG Powers, AC Pugliese, A Richardson, SJ In’t Veld, PA
2017 Activated macrophages as key mediators of capsule formation on adipose constructs in tissue engineering chamber models
Zhan, WQ Lu, F
2017 Mitochondrial replacement in an iPSC model of Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy
Wong, RCB Lim, SY Hung, SSC Jackson, S Khan, S Van Bergen, NJ De Smit, E Liang, HH Kearns, LS Clarke, L Mackey, DA Hewitt, AW Trounce, IA Pebay, A
2017 Cognate antigen engagement on parenchymal cells stimulates CD8(+) T cell proliferation in situ
Sutherland, RM Londrigan, SL Brady, JL Carrington, EM Marchingo, JM Heinzel, S Hodgkin, PD Graham, KL Kay, TW Zhan, YF Lew, AM
2017 Scater: pre-processing, quality control, normalization and visualization of single-cell RNA-seq data in R
McCarthy, DJ Campbell, KR Lun, ATL Wills, QF
2017 Generation of Immortalized Equine Chondrocytes With Inducible Sox9 Expression Allows Control of Hypertrophic Differentiation
Gurusinghe, S Hilbert, B Trope, G Wang, LX Bandara, N Strappe, P
2017 Dimeric but not monomeric alpha-lactalbumin potentiates apoptosis by up regulation of ATF3 and reduction of histone deacetylase activity in primary and immortalised cells
Sharp, JA Brennan, AJ Polekhina, G Ascher, DB Lefevre, C Nicholas, KR