Publications in 2017

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2017 QM/MM simulations provide insight into the mechanism of bioluminescence triggering in ctenophore photoproteins
Molakarimi, M Mohseni, A Taghdir, M Pashandi, Z Gorman, MA Parker, MW Naderi-Manesh, H Sajedi, RH
2017 Control of Virulence Gene Expression by the Master Regulator, CfaD, in the Prototypical Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Strain, H10407
Hodson, C Yang, J Hocking, DM Azzopardi, K Chen, QY Holien, JK Parker, MW Tauschek, M Robins-Browne, RM
2017 The nature of the Syntaxin4 C-terminus affects Munc18c-supported SNARE assembly
Rehman, A Hu, SH Tnimov, Z Whitten, AE King, GJ Jarrott, RJ Norwood, SJ Alexandrov, K Collins, BM Christie, MP Martin, JL
2017 Dynein light chain regulates adaptive and innate B cell development by distinctive genetic mechanisms
King, A Li, LL Wong, DM Liu, R Bamford, R Strasser, A Tarlinton, DM Heierhorst, J
2017 AMPK beta 1 reduces tumor progression and improves survival in p53 null mice
Houde, VP Donzelli, S Sacconi, A Galic, S Hammill, JA Bramson, JL Foster, RA Tsakiridis, T Kemp, BE Grasso, G Blandino, G Muti, P Steinberg, GR
2017 ASCIZ/ATMIN is dispensable for ATM signaling in response to replication stress
Liu, R King, A Hoch, NC Chang, C Kelly, GL Deans, AJ Heierhorst, J
2017 Zinc-coordination and C-peptide complexation: a potential mechanism for the endogenous inhibition of IAPP aggregation
Ge, XW Kakinen, A Gurzov, EN Yang, W Pang, L Pilkington, EH Govindan-Nedumpully, P Chen, PY Separovic, F Davis, TP Ke, PC Ding, F
2017 Protein recoding by ADAR1-mediated RNA editing is not essential for normal development and homeostasis
Heraud-Farlow, JE Chalk, AM Linder, SE Li, Q Taylor, S White, JM Pang, L Liddicoat, BJ Gupte, A Li, JB Walkley, CR
2017 Inhibition of Y1 receptor signaling improves islet transplant outcome
Loh, K Shi, YC Walters, S Bensellam, M Lee, K Dezaki, K Nakata, M Ip, CK Chan, JY Gurzov, EN Thomas, HE Waibel, M Cantley, J Kay, TW Yada, T Laybutt, DR Grey, ST Herzog, H
2017 The autophagy initiator ULK1 sensitizes AMPK to allosteric drugs
Dite, TA Ling, NXY Scott, JW Hoque, A Galic, S Parker, BL Ngoei, KRW Langendorf, CG O’Brien, MT Kundu, M Viollet, B Steinberg, GR Sakamoto, K Kemp, BE Oakhill, JS
2017 Transplantation sites for human and murine islets
Stokes, RA Cheng, K Lalwani, A Swarbrick, MM Thomas, HE Loudovaris, T Kay, TW Hawthorne, WJ O’Connell, PJ Gunton, JE
2017 A retained intron in the 3 ‘-UTR of Calm3 mRNA mediates its Staufen2-and activity-dependent localization to neuronal dendrites
Sharangdhar, T Sugimoto, Y Heraud-Farlow, J Fernandez-Moya, SM Ehses, J de los Mozos, IR Ule, J Kiebler, MA
2017 Deciphering the Pathogenesis of Human Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) by Interrogating T Cells from the “Scene of the Crime”
Kent, SC Mannering, SI Michels, AW Babon, JAB
2017 Genome-wide functional analysis reveals central signaling regulators of lymphatic endothelial cell migration and remodeling
Williams, SP Odell, AF Karnezis, T Farnsworth, RH Gould, CM Li, J Paquet-Fifield, S Harris, NC Walter, A Gregory, JL Lamont, SF Liu, RF Takano, EA Nowell, CJ Bower, NI Resnick, D Smyth, GK Coultas, L Hogan, BM Fox, SB Mueller, SN Simpson, KJ Achen, MG Stacker, SA
2017 Bone corticalization requires local SOCS3 activity and is promoted by androgen action via interleukin-6
Cho, DC Brennan, HJ Johnson, RW Poulton, IJ Gooi, JH Tonkin, BA McGregor, NE Walker, EC Handelsman, DJ Martin, TJ Sims, NA