Publications in 2017

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2017 Retinoic acid receptor signalling directly regulates osteoblast and adipocyte differentiation from mesenchymal progenitor cells
Green, AC Kocovski, P Jovic, T Walia, MK Chandraratna, RAS Martin, TJ Baker, EK Purton, LE
2017 Homodimer Model Can Resolve the Conundrum as to How Cytochrome P450 Oxidoreductase and Cytochrome b5 Compete for the Same Binding Site on Cytochrome P450c17
Holien, JK Parker, MW Conley, AJ Corbin, CJ Rodgers, RJ Martin, LL
2017 Quantitative Analysis of Yeast Checkpoint Protein Kinase Activity by Combined Mass Spectrometry Enzyme Assays
Hoch, NC Chen, ESW Tsai, MD Heierhorst, J
2017 SCReening Evaluation of the Evolution of New Heart Failure Study (SCREEN-HF): early detection of chronic heart failure in the workplace
Boffa, U McGrady, M Reid, CM Shiel, L Wolfe, R Liew, D Campbell, DJ Stewart, S Krum, H
2017 IGF-2 coated porous collagen microwells for the culture of pancreatic islets
Forget, A Waibel, M Rojas-Canales, DM Chen, S Kawazoe, N Harding, FJ Loudovaris, T Coates, PTH Blencowe, A Chen, G Voelcker, NH
2017 The Asymmetric Cell Division Regulators Par3, Scribble and Pins/Gpsm2 Are Not Essential for Erythroid Development or Enucleation
Wolwer, CB Godde, N Pase, LB Elsum, IA Lim, KYB Sacirbegovic, F Walkley, CR Ellis, S Ohno, S Matsuzaki, F Russell, SM Humbert, PO
2017 The FA Core Complex Contains a Homo-dimeric Catalytic Module for the Symmetric Mono-ubiquitination of FANCI-FANCD2
Swuec, P Renault, L Borg, A Shah, F Murphy, VJ van Twest, S Snijders, AP Deans, AJ Costa, A
2017 Mechanism of Ubiquitination and Deubiquitination in the Fanconi Anemia Pathway
van Twest, S Murphy, VJ Hodson, C Tan, WN Swuec, P O’Rourke, JJ Heierhorst, J Crismani, W Deans, AJ
2017 Transitional changes in the CRP structure lead to the exposure of proinflammatory binding sites
Braig, D Nero, TL Koch, HG Kaiser, B Wang, XW Thiele, JR Morton, CJ Zeller, J Kiefer, J Potempa, LA Mellett, NA Miles, LA Du, XJ Meikle, PJ Huber-Lang, M Stark, GB Parker, MW Peter, K Eisenhardt, SU
2017 Disruption of Serinc1, which facilitates serine-derived lipid synthesis, fails to alter macrophage function, lymphocyte proliferation or autoimmune disease susceptibility
Chu, EPF Elso, CM Pollock, AH Alsayb, MA Mackin, L Thomas, HE Kay, TWH Silveira, PA Mansell, AS Gaus, K Brodnicki, TC
2017 Glutathione transferase P1-1 as an arsenic drug-sequestering enzyme
Parker, LJ Bocedi, A Ascher, DB Aitken, JB Harris, HH Lo Bello, M Ricci, G Morton, CJ Parker, MW
2017 Promiscuous DNA-binding of a mutant zinc finger protein corrupts the transcriptome and diminishes cell viability
Gillinder, KR Ilsley, MD Nebor, D Sachidanandam, R Lajoie, M Magor, GW Tallack, MR Bailey, T Landsberg, MJ Mackay, JP Parker, MW Miles, LA Graber, JH Peters, LL Bieker, JJ Perkins, AC
2017 Effectiveness of the cardiac-diabetes transcare program: protocol for a randomised controlled trial
Wu, CJ Atherton, JJ MacIsaac, RJ Courtney, M Chang, AM Thompson, DR Kostner, K MacIsaac, AI d’Emden, M Graves, N McPhail, SM
2017 Streamlined Method for the Preparation of Growth Factor-enriched Thermosensitive Hydrogels from Soft Tissue
Poon, CJ Tan, SS Boodhun, SW Abberton, KM Morrison, WA
2017 Ex vivo O-18-labeling mass spectrometry identifies a peripheral amyloid beta clearance pathway
Portelius, E Mattsson, N Pannee, J Zetterberg, H Gisslen, M Vanderstichele, H Gkanatsiou, E Crespi, GAN Parker, MW Miles, LA Gobom, J Blennow, K