Publications in 2015

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2015 High mammographic density is associated with an increase in stromal collagen and immune cells within the mammary epithelium
Huo, CW Chew, G Hill, P Huang, DX Ingman, W Hodson, L Brown, KA Magenau, A Allam, AH McGhee, E Timpson, P Henderson, MA Thompson, EW Britt, K
2015 IQGAP1 is associated with nuclear envelope reformation and completion of abscission
Lian, ATY Hains, PG Sarcevic, B Robinson, PJ Chircop, M
2015 AMPK deficiency in cardiac muscle results in dilated cardiomyopathy in the absence of changes in energy metabolism
Sung, MM Zordoky, BN Bujak, AL Lally, JSV Fung, D Young, ME Horman, S Miller, EJ Light, PE Kemp, BE Steinberg, GR Dyck, JRB
2015 Salicylate activates AMPK and synergizes with metformin to reduce the survival of prostate and lung cancer cells ex vivo through inhibition of de novo lipogenesis
O’Brien, AJ Villani, LA Broadfield, LA Houde, VP Galic, S Blandino, G Kemp, BE Tsakiridis, T Muti, P Steinberg, GR
2015 Nuclear factor kappa B-inducing kinase activation as a mechanism of pancreatic beta cell failure in obesity
Malle, EK Zammit, NW Walters, SN Koay, YC Wu, JM Tan, BM Villanueva, JE Brink, R Loudovaris, T Cantley, J McAlpine, SR Hesselson, D Grey, ST
2015 The beta c receptor family - Structural insights and their functional implications
Broughton, SE Nero, TL Dhagat, U Kan, WL Hercus, TR Tvorogov, D Lopez, AF Parker, MW
2015 Exercise-stimulated interleukin-15 is controlled by AMPK and regulates skin metabolism and aging
Crane, JD MacNeil, LG Lally, JS Ford, RJ Bujak, AL Brar, IK Kemp, BE Raha, S Steinberg, GR Tarnopolsky, MA
2015 Increased COX-2 expression in epithelial and stromal cells of high mammographic density tissues and in a xenograft model of mammographic density
Chew, GL Huo, CW Huang, D Hill, P Cawson, J Frazer, H Hopper, JL Haviv, I Henderson, MA Britt, K Thompson, EW
2015 An optimised direct lysis method for gene expression studies on low cell numbers
Le, AVP Huang, DX Blick, T Thompson, EW Dobrovic, A
2015 Effects of Estrogens on Adipokines and Glucose Homeostasis in Female Aromatase Knockout Mice
Van Sinderen, ML Steinberg, GR Jorgensen, SB Honeyman, J Chow, JD Herridge, KA Winship, AL Dimitriadis, E Jones, MEE Simpson, ER Boon, WC
2015 The AMPK activator R419 improves exercise capacity and skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity in obese mice
Marcinko, K Bujak, AL Lally, JSV Ford, RJ Wong, TH Smith, BK Kemp, BE Jenkins, Y Li, W Kinsella, TM Hitoshi, Y Steinberg, GR
2015 Asymmetric cell division during T cell development controls downstream fate
Pham, K Shimoni, R Charnley, M Ludford-Menting, MJ Hawkins, ED Ramsbottom, K Oliaro, J Izon, D Ting, SB Reynolds, J Lythe, G Molina-Paris, C Melichar, H Robey, E Humbert, PO Gu, M Russell, SM
2015 Improvements, trends, and new ideas in molecular docking: 2012-2013 in review
Yuriev, E Holien, J Ramsland, PA
2015 Cardiotrophin-like cytokine factor 1 (CLCF1) and neuropoietin (NP) signalling and their roles in development, adulthood, cancer and degenerative disorders
Sims, NA
2015 E2 superfamily of ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes: constitutively active or activated through phosphorylation in the catalytic cleft
Valimberti, I Tiberti, M Lambrughi, M Sarcevic, B Papaleo, E