Publications in 2015

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2015 Phosphorothioate backbone modifications of nucleotide-based drugs are potent platelet activators
212(2): 130-138
Flierl, U Nero, TL Lim, B Arthur, JF Yao, Y Jung, SM Gitz, E Pollitt, AY Zaldivia, MTK Jandrot-Perrus, M Schafer, A Nieswandt, B Andrews, RK Parker, MW Gardiner, EE Peter, K
2015 Isolation and gene expression of haematopoietic-cell-free preparations of highly purified murine ost
72(): 34-42
Chia, LY Walsh, NC Martin, TJ Sims, NA
2015 An intermolecular electrostatic interaction controls the prepore-to-pore transition in a cholesterol
112(7): 2204-2209
Wade, KR Hotze, EM Kuiper, MJ Morton, CJ Parker, MW Tweten, RK
2015 The DNA Helicase Recql4 Is Required for Normal Osteoblast Expansion and Osteosarcoma Formation
11(4): -
Ng, AJM Walia, MK Smeets, MF Mutsaers, AJ Sims, NA Purton, LE Walsh, NC Martin, TJ Walkley, CR
2015 Molecular basis for mid-region amyloid-beta capture by leading Alzheimer’s disease immunotherapies
5(): -
Crespi, GAN Hermans, SJ Parker, MW Miles, LA
2015 Roquin binds microRNA-146a and Argonaute2 to regulate microRNA homeostasis
6(): -
Srivastava, M Duan, G Kershaw, NJ Athanasopoulos, V Yeo, JHC Ose, T Hu, D Brown, SHJ Jergic, S Patel, HR Pratama, A Richards, S Verma, A Jones, EY Heissmeyer, V Preiss, T Dixon, NE Chong, MMW Babon, JJ Vinuesa, CG
2015 Salicylate improves macrophage cholesterol homeostasis via activation of Ampk
56(5): 1025-1033
Fullerton, MD Ford, RJ McGregor, CP LeBlond, ND Snider, SA Stypa, SA Day, EA Lhotak, S Schertzer, JD Austin, RC Kemp, BE Steinberg, GR
2015 Lipotoxic Stress Induces Pancreatic beta-Cell Apoptosis through Modulation of Bcl-2 Proteins by the
(): -
Litwak, SA Wali, JA Pappas, EG Saadi, H Stanley, WJ Varanasi, LC Kay, TWH Thomas, HE Gurzov, EN
2015 Co-administration of Antiresorptive and Anabolic Agents: A Missed Opportunity
30(5): 753-764
Seeman, E Martin, TJ
2015 Tribute To Stephen M Krane
30(5): 751-752
Dayer, JM Goldring, MB Goldring, SR Kronenberg, HM Martin, TJ Russell, RGG
2015 Calcitonin Physiology, Saved by a Lysophospholipid
30(2): 212-215
Martin, TJ Sims, NA
2015 Parthenolide inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokine production and exhibits protective effects on progre
44(3): 182-191
Liu, Q Zhao, J Tan, R Zhou, H Lin, Z Zheng, M Romas, E Xu, J Sims, NA
2015 Proinsulin-Specific, HLA-DQ8, and HLA-DQ8-Transdimer-Restricted CD4(+) T Cells Infiltrate Islets in
64(1): 172-182
Pathiraja, V Kuehlich, JP Campbell, PD Krishnamurthy, B Loudovaris, T Coates, PTH Brodnicki, TC O’Connell, PJ Kedzierska, K Rodda, C Bergman, P Hill, E Purcell, AW Dudek, NL Thomas, HE Kay, TWH Mannering, SI