Publications in 2015

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2015 Ciliary neurotrophic factor has intrinsic and extrinsic roles in regulating B cell differentiation and bone structure
Askmyr, M White, KE Jovic, T King, HA Quach, JM Maluenda, AC Baker, EK Smeets, MF Walkley, CR Purton, LE
2015 Heterogeneity of miR-10b expression in circulating tumor cells
Gasch, C Plummer, PN Jovanovic, L McInnes, LM Wescott, D Saunders, CM Schneeweiss, A Wallwiener, M Nelson, C Spring, KJ Riethdorf, S Thompson, EW Pantel, K Mellick, AS
2015 Exemplary multiplex bisulfite amplicon data used to demonstrate the utility of Methpat
Wong, NC Pope, BJ Candiloro, I Korbie, D Trau, M Wong, SQ Mikeska, T van Denderen, BJW Thompson, EW Eggers, S Doyle, SR Dobrovic, A
2015 New Insights on COX-2 in Chronic Inflammation Driving Breast Cancer Growth and Metastasis
Hugo, HJ Saunders, C Ramsay, RG Thompson, EW
2015 Localization of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (CD26) to human pancreatic ducts and islet alpha cells
Augstein, P Naselli, G Loudovaris, T Hawthorne, WJ Campbell, P Bandala-Sanchez, E Rogers, K Heinke, P Thomas, HE Kay, TW Harrison, LC
2015 High intensity interval training improves liver and adipose tissue insulin sensitivity
Marcinko, K Sikkema, SR Samaan, MC Kemp, BE Fullerton, MD Steinberg, GR
2015 A microRNA expression atlas of mouse dendritic cell development
Johanson, TM Cmero, M Wettenhall, J Lew, AM Zhan, YF Chong, MMW
2015 Knockdown of PTHR1 in osteosarcoma cells decreases invasion and growth and increases tumor differentiation in vivo
Ho, PWM Goradia, A Russell, MR Chalk, AM Milley, KM Baker, EK Danks, JA Slavin, JL Walia, M Crimeen-Irwin, B Dickins, RA Martin, TJ Walkley, CR
2015 Quantifying the osteocyte network in the human skeleton
Buenzli, PR Sims, NA
2015 Neurological heterotopic ossification following spinal cord injury is triggered by macrophage-mediated inflammation in muscle
Genet, F Kulina, I Vaquette, C Torossian, F Millard, S Pettit, AR Sims, NA Anginot, A Guerton, B Winkler, IG Barbier, V Lataillade, JJ Le Bousse-Kerdiles, MC Hutmacher, DW Levesque, JP
2015 Determinants of oligosaccharide specificity of the carbohydrate-binding modules of AMP-activated protein kinase
Mobbs, JI Koay, A Di Paolo, A Bieri, M Petrie, EJ Gorman, MA Doughty, L Parker, MW Stapleton, DI Griffin, MDW Gooley, PR
2015 RAR gamma is a negative regulator of osteoclastogenesis
Green, AC Poulton, IJ Vrahnas, C Hausler, KD Walkley, CR Wu, JY Martin, TJ Gillespie, MT Chandraratna, RAS Quinn, JMW Sims, NA Purton, LE
2015 A comparative analysis of high-throughput platforms for validation of a circulating microRNA signature in diabetic retinopathy
Farr, RJ Januszewski, AS Joglekar, MV Liang, H McAulley, AK Hewitt, AW Thomas, HE Loudovaris, T Kay, TWH Jenkins, A Hardikar, AA
2015 Inhibition of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase at the Allosteric Drug-Binding Site Promotes Islet Insulin Release
Scott, JW Galic, S Graham, KL Foitzik, R Ling, NXY Dite, TA Issa, SMA Langendorf, CG Weng, QP Thomas, HE Kay, TW Birnberg, NC Steinberg, GR Kemp, BE Oakhill, JS
2015 Early postnatal ablation of the microRNA-processing enzyme, Drosha, causes chondrocyte death and impairs the structural integrity of the articular cartilage
Kobayashi, T Papaioannou, G Mirzamohammadi, F Kozhemyakina, E Zhang, M Blelloch, R Chong, MW