Publications in 2016

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2016 Adenosine-to-inosine RNA editing by ADAR1 is essential for normal murine erythropoiesis
Li, JB Kingsley, PD Lu, J Chalk, AM Orkin, SH Ramaswami, G Palis, J Piskol, R Seeburg, PH Hartner, JC Purton, LE Liddicoat, BJ Wall, M Sankaran, VG Walkley, CR
2016 Loss of ephrinB1 in osteogenic progenitor cells impedes endochondral ossification and compromises bone strength integrity during skeletal development
Walkley, CR Codrington, JD Panagopoulos, R Hemming, S. Paton, S Arthur, A Nguyen, TM Zannettino, AC Gronthos, S
2016 Perforin facilitates beta cell killing and regulates autoreactive CD8+ T cell responses to antigen in mouse models of type 1 diabetes
Kay, TW Slattery, RM Fynch, S Krishnamurthy, B Graham, KL Trivedi, P Thomas, HE
2016 Retinoic acid receptor γ regulates B and T lymphopoiesis via nestinexpressing cells in the bone marrow and thymic microenvironments
Nota, C Joseph, C Fletcher, JL Maluenda, AC Green, AC Purton, LE
2016 Snord116 is critical in the regulation of food intake and body weight.
Baldock, PA Qi,Y Enriquez, RF Loh, K Zhang, L Aepler, J Lee, NJ Campbell, LV Fu, M Zolotukhin, S Purtell,L Herzog, H
2016 The role of vitamin A and retinoic acid receptor signaling in post-natal maintenance of bone
Green, AC Martin, TJ Purton, LE
2016 The case for an autoimmune aetiology of type 1 diabetes
Mannering, SI Pathiraja, V Kay, TWH
2016 Altered purinergic receptor-Ca2+ signaling associated with hypoxia-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer cells
Azimi, I Beilby, H Davis, FM Marcial, DL Kenny, PA Thompson, EW Roberts-Thomson, SJ Monteith, GR
2016 Cyclin-dependent kinase-mediated phosphorylation of breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1 (BRMS1) affects cell migration
Roesley, SNA Suryadinata, R Morrish, E Tan, AR Issa, SMA Oakhill, JS Bernard, O Welch, DR Sarcevic, B
2016 Loss of G(s)alpha in the Postnatal Skeleton Leads to Low Bone Mass and a Blunted Response to Anabolic Parathyroid Hormone Therapy
Sinha, P Aarnisalo, P Chubb, R Poulton, IJ Guo, J Nachtrab, G Kimura, T Swami, S Saeed, H Chen, M Weinstein, LS Schipani, E Sims, NA Kronenberg, HM Wu, JY
2016 Chondrocytic ephrin B2 promotes cartilage destruction by osteoclasts in endochondral ossification
Tonna, S Poulton, IJ Taykar, F Ho, PWM Tonkin, B Crimeen-Irwin, B Tatarczuch, L McGregor, NE Mackie, EJ Martin, TJ Sims, NA
2016 Pancreatic beta-Cell Membrane Fluidity and Toxicity Induced by Human Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Species
Pilkington, EH Gurzov, EN Kakinen, A Litwak, SA Stanley, WJ Davis, TP Ke, PC
2016 Classification of low quality cells from single-cell RNA-seq data
Ilicic, T Kim, JK Kolodziejczyk, AA Bagger, FO McCarthy, DJ Marioni, JC Teichmann, SA
2016 Three Dimensional Collagen Scaffold Promotes Intrinsic Vascularisation for Tissue Engineering Applications
Chan, EC Kuo, SM Kong, AM Morrison, WA Dusting, GJ Mitchell, GM Lim, SY Liu, GS
2016 Electrical Stimulation Promotes Cardiac Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Hernandez, D Millard, R Sivakumaran, P Wong, RCB Crombie, DE Hewitt, AW Liang, H Hung, SSC Pebay, A Shepherd, RK Dusting, GJ Lim, SY