Publications in 2019

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2019 Selenium nanoparticles as anti-infective implant coatings for trauma orthopedics against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and epidermidis: in vitro and in vivo assessment
Atran, P O’Brien-Simpson, N Palmer, JA Bock, N Reynolds, EC Webster, TJ Deva, A Morrison, WA O’Connor, AJ
2019 Human gamma delta T-cell receptor repertoire is shaped by influenza viruses, age and tissue compartmentalisation
Sant, S Jenkins, MR Dash, P Watson, KA Wang, ZF Pizzolla, A Koutsakos, M Nguyen, THO Lappas, M Crowe, J Loudovaris, T Mannering, SI Westall, GP Kotsimbos, TC Cheng, AC Wakim, L Doherty, PC Thomas, PG Loh, L Kedzierska, K
2019 Methods for Assessing Scaffold Vascularization In Vivo
Wang, JH Chen, JY Kuo, SM Mitchell, GM Lim, SY Liu, GS
2019 The structure of the Plasmodium falciparum 20S proteasome in complex with the PA28 activator
Metcalfe, RD Xie, SC Hanssen, E Yang, T Gillett, DL Leis, A Morton, CJ Kuiper, MJ Parker, MW Spillman, NJ Wong, W Tsu, C Dick, LR Griffin, MDW Tilley, L
2019 Scaffolds for dermal tissue engineering
Heidi, D Wayne, M
2019 ALT control, delete: FANCM as an anti-cancer target in Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres
O’Rourke, JJ Bythell-Douglas, R Dunn, EA Deans, AJ
2019 Overcoming natural Wnt inhibition to optimize therapy
Sims, NA
2019 What does good FISHing look like in MDS?
Wall, M Blombery, P
2019 The Structural Basis for a Transition State That Regulates Pore Formation in a Bacterial Toxin
Wade, KR Lawrence, SL Farrand, AJ Hotze, EM Kuiper, MJ Gorman, MA Christie, MP Panjikar, S Morton, CJ Parker, MW Tweten, RK
2019 Prediction of incident heart failure by serum amino-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide level in a community-based cohort
Campbell, DJ Gong, FF Jelinek, MV Castro, JM Coller, JM McGrady, M Boffa, U Shiel, L Wang, BH Liew, D Wolfe, R Stewart, S Owen, AJ Krum, H Reid, CM Prior, DL
2019 Absence of the beta 1 subunit of AMP-activated protein kinase reduces myofibroblast infiltration of the kidneys in early diabetes
Choy, SW Fraser, SA Katerelos, M Galic, S Kemp, BE Mount, PF Power, DA
2019 Repurposing the selective estrogen receptor modulator bazedoxifene to suppress gastrointestinal cancer growth
Thilakasiri, P Huynh, J Poh, AR Tan, CW Nero, TL Tran, K Parslow, AC Afshar-Sterle, S Baloyan, D Hannan, NJ Buchert, M Scott, AM Griffin, MDW Hollande, F Parker, MW Putoczki, TL Ernst, M Chand, AL
2019 Allosteric regulation of AMP-activated protein kinase by adenylate nucleotides and small-molecule drugs
Matos, ALDA Oakhill, JS Moreira, J Loh, K Galic, S Scott, JW
2019 The genetics, structure and function of the M1 aminopeptidase oxytocinase subfamily and their therapeutic potential in immune-mediated disease
Hanson, AL Morton, CJ Parker, MW Bessette, D Kenna, TJ
2019 Remote Control in Formation of 3D Multicellular Assemblies Using Magnetic Forces
Jafari, J Han, XL Palmer, J Tran, PA O’Connor, AJ